Garda Prevent And Treat (GMDM) Surabaya cooperate with BNN Surabaya Surabaya organized a Road Show Award Shines in Putat Jaya village, Sawahan, as education and raiser in combating drugs in Surabaya.

Yayuk Sri Wahyuningsih Chairman GMDM Surabaya, said the activity in the Village of Putat Jaya Surabaya is part of the Shine Award (ASB). We hope that the ASB is actually perceived by society, especially the residents of Putat Jaya, because this drug has been remarkable damage occurred, and drug knows no age or social status.

Yayuk further explained, at least we have 3 targets, one, related to the same line of extension of government to level down RT. Residents can enjoy that they are clean of drugs, both, each family maintain that their children do not get caught in drug abuse-related crimes, and the third that the people of Surabaya at least stay away from drugs, healthy life without drugs.

“GMDM also menggande culinary center for socialization and educational impact of the drug, because it is sometimes used for culinary or other alcoholic drinks. We expect the culinary center where tourist can enjoy a meal in the city of Surabaya, but not the point of the event for alcohol or drug abuse, “he said.

GMDM’ve asked several associates of spekal (center for street vendors) to become a member GMDM, especially srikandinya. “Our hope is that the heroine, heroine spekal it can represent us to provide an understanding the dangers and impact of drugs in the culinary center as the city of Surabaya,” he said.

Responses amazingly good response at all, especially now it has six times roud shouw joint socialization BNN Surabaya, many people have a response, against the harmful effects of this drug.

No sketch school achievement. Date February 29, 2020 we will hold elections sons and daughters of the anti-drug ambassador, GMDM Surabaya Shine Award as the city of Surabaya.

“So our expectations with activities Performance talents to live without drugs achievement. So we are especially for children education, accomplishments which we will sketch tag line sketch Surabaya Shine feat. With participants ranging elementary through high school level, “he added.

Dra. Hj. Salah Solecha MM., Chairman of the Coalition for Clean Drug Putat Jaya, said, Putat Jaya clean of drugs, we also coordinate with the Head, Head, RW, RT, community leaders, religious leaders, so that could erode the drug in Putat Jaya.

Mother calls Icah Chair of the Coalition, to continue, we now begin to disseminate to schools, preferably in the area of ​​X Dolly or Putat Jaya, so SDN Putat Jaya 1, 2,3,4, SD and SD Bahr Ulum Banyu Urip, then junior Panca Jaya, and junior Bahr Ulum. Worried there will be children who are subject to influence from it. So we will be articulated BNNK within the next month will go down to the schools.

According to Mother Icah, now have subsided, not unlike the dissolution of Dolly and distance, and our monthly gathering here Kualisi Clean Drugs that and we were given an office by the village chief in the village office, to provide guidance and education to all people, especially the youth, in elementary school, junior high school and Youth.

“So the teenage acquaintance in Putat Jaya gradually declined and we are committed to reversing the first view of a black area, now we will make Putat Jaya achievement,” he added.

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